Hate-Riddled Liberal Gusto Indicts Blair as War Criminal

I’m republishing the following for the readers of this new blog.

Brits “Play Act” Indictment of Tony Blair for Iraq Related Crimes

By Steve Clemons

Washington Note, July 13, 2007

A brief reply by Con George-Kotzabasis

The political guru of the Washington Note Steven Clemons with a hate-riddled gusto of a liberal, informs his readers of a BBC radio programme that indicts Tony Blair as a war criminal for the killing of innocent civilians in Iraq. Hinting the same fate awaits the Bush administration. In the effusion of his gusto, however, he is completely mindless and cannot foresee that the cause celebre indictment of the twenty-first century will be the liberal intelligentsia’s accountability before history for its play act with the greatest threat Western civilization encountered in our era, i.e., Islamist terror and its state sponsors.

This will be the “Play Act” Indictment of the liberals’ crime for treating this stealthy and ominous danger with derisiveness and facetiousness, as this play act on Blair, and others, illustrates. On this stupendous irresponsibility of the liberals, history will place a gravestone upon their feeble moral and political stand from which they will never be able to disentomb themselves.

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